An Interview with Bert Kammerer

An Interview With Bert Kammerer

At the age of 43 Bert Kammerer may be one of the “old guys” in our hobby but if you’ve ever seen him fly you know he can still throw down with the best of them. He won top 10 XFC 2007-2010, first place XFC synchro 2008 & 2009 and first place synchro 3D Masters 2011... Read More »

HOW TO: Building Your Custom Flight Arena (Part 3)

Building Your Custom Flight Arena (Part 3)

Plan and build a dedicated flight environment to fly RC helicopter Work Operations and Rescue Missions in any weather at any time. When planning the layout of each terrain feature, particularly something high like a mountain, remember to keep heavy items in the lower section so the feature... Read More »

An Interview With Jamie Robertson

An Interview With Jamie Robertson

At the young age of 20, Jamie Robertson is one of the world’s leading RC helicopter pilots. Jamie was the winner of the 2009, 2011 and 2013 XFC as well as 2011 3D Masters and the 2012 and 2013 Zone Knockout (England), and he is one of only a few pilots to win these two events in the same year. Read More »

TRAINING: Transmitter Handling tips to maximize precision and proficiency

Transmitter Handling tips to maximize precision and proficiency

A proper helicopter/radio setup is certainly a distinct advantage, but nothing has proven to facilitate better flying during 1st U.S. R/C Flight School training courses as effectively as using two fingers on the control sticks and increasing spring tension in the radio to improve a pilot’s ability to precisely control the helicopter’s movements. The following article addresses optimum transmitter handling techniques while providing context to the proper uses of programmable exponential to help further optimize your heli’s handling. Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Ares Advantage Optim 300 CP RTF


The Ares Advantage Optim 300 CP is the first RC helicopter in its size and class to assist pilots looking to progress from sport flying to 3D flight. The Aegis Natural Flight Progression (NFP) technology in the Optim 300 CP combines a state-of-the-art 6-axis sensor system with groundbreaking control software to create a RC heli training tool unlike any other. ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: iKON Flybarless System – Aluminum Version

iKON Flybarless System - Aluminum Version

Bert Kammerer and MSH present a new leap in flybarless control. Every aspect of the iKON  firmware has been fine-tuned and optimized, resulting in the highest level of flybarless performance. New vibration dampening technology isolates vibrations and creates rock solid flight that can be seen and felt. An easy to follow and simplified approach to flybarless setup allows pilots to ... Read More »

RANDOMNESS: National and World Champion Pilot Quique Somenzini Joins Futaba

Quique Joins Futaba

The latest pilot to join the Futaba family is also one of R/C’s most impressive and popular fliers. Quique Somenzini, winner of multiple National and World Championships, won his first F3A National Championship in Argentina at ten years of age. At the age of twelve, Quique became the youngest pilot to participate in the F3A World Championship – a record ... Read More »

HOW TO: Advanced Radio Programming

Advanced Radio Programming

If we look at each programming feature singularly, it’s relatively easy to appreciate what it offers and how we can put it to good use. However, when features are combined they often interact with one in other in ways that can make your head spin trying to wrap it around exactly what’s going on. Sometimes we just can’t put our finger on why our model isn’t behaving as expected... Read More »

HOW TO: Building Your Custom Flight Arena (Part 2)

Building Your Custom Flight Arena (Part 2)

Building a flight arena is the same as building a set for a scale model train. Of course the terrain will necessarily be more vertical in nature, as suits a helicopter’s workplace, but the intention is the same. We are trying to provide a realistic area to fly the machines, and have as many diverse work sites as possible for the maximum amount of situations and scenarios... Read More »