NEW RELEASE: OS Motor 700 & 800 Sized Brushless Heli Motors


Now available for 700-800 class helis, O.S. continues its line of brushless flight motors with the tradition of quality and performance pilots expect. The 5830-490kV motor is the perfect choice for FAI F3C competition, while the 5825-520kV option is designed for extreme 3D aerobatics. Both motors include a heat-reducing stator and require 12S LiPo power. For extreme 3D flight, there’s ... Read More »



The Ares RC Optim 300 is an excellent machine with which newer heli pilots can carefully, progressively and strategically build their heli piloting proficiency. The engineers at Ares have equipped this 300 sized heli with a powerful brushless power system, belt driven tail rotor and six axis gyro stabilized flybarless head. A variety of flight modes and bailout features are ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Futaba 6K Six Channel Telemetry Capable 2.4GHz S-FHSS/T-FHSS Air Radio System

Futaba 6K

Helicopter pilots interested in a telemetry capable radio system will want to take a close look at the recently announced Futaba 6K six channel telemetry capable 2.4GHz transmitter. With a 30 model memory and a 128×64 DOT backlit LCD screen, this S-FHSS/T-FHSS selectable radio offers an amazing number of high tech features at an even more amazing price (just under $200.00)! ... Read More »

RANDOMNESS: UAS4Stem Search and Rescue Challenge

UAS4STEMHandout_final q

Academy of Model Aeronautics Launches UAS Competitive Education Program A small group of hikers has gone missing in a remote area. Although rescuers have determined a search area, they are unsure of the exact location and conditions of the hikers. Your team has been called upon to provide rapid response using a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) that can support ... Read More »

RANDOMNESS: RC Heli Pilot Profile Andrew Merlino

Pilot: Andrew Merlino
Age: 20
Competitions Won: Placed 17th 2010 XFC, 9th 2011 XFC, 11th 2012th XFC

RC HELI PILOT: How many years have you been in the hobby? ANDREW MERLINO: I have been active in the hobby for the past 10 years. At age of 12 I got my solo certificate with the airplane side of the hobby. I got my first helicopter at age 14. RCHP: How did you get involved in the hobby? AM: I got involved in this hobby through my dad, who has been flying radio control airplanes since the 80s. My dad has been a great mentor ever since I can remember. He used to take me to the field when I was little. When I started showing an interest, he showed me how to build and eventually how to fl y on the buddy box. At one point my dad decided we would build a trainer together so I would have my own plane to learn and practice on. Ever since that project, I was hooked. Heli flying came later. When I was 13, one day I watched Dino Spadaccini’s 3D team perform at our 495th RC Squadron club. I had never seen 3D flying and I was amazed. I told my dad I wanted to learn to fl y like that. My dad laughed and said “yeah…sure son”. He thought I was joking. I proved him wrong on that one. Read More »

TRAINING: Heli Training Forward Flight Procedure Turns

Heli Training - Forward Flight Procedure Turns.qxd

This month, 1st U.S. RC Flight School’s progressive helicopter training series is aimed at helping new heli pilots learn forward flight procedure turns with greater efficiency and fewer mistakes. Read More »

RANDOMNESS: Multi-Rotor Flight Controller Boards

Multi-Rotor DecJan.qxd

In this issue we are going to take a look at the heart and soul of any multi-rotor craft; the flight controller board or FCB. I was originally going to do a round-up of the various controllers that are available in the market today Read More »

RANDOMNESS: 2015 Helicopter Scale Masters – September 24-26


The 5th International Helicopter Scale Masters fun-fly event will be held this year on September 24-26 at the Woodland Aeromodelers field near Sacramento, California. This three day event will feature world class scale heli pilots flying a variety of different classes and scales of electric, nitro and turbine powered helicopters.  Several full size helicopters are scheduled to arrive during the ... Read More »

HOW TO: Making it Stick! Using the right adhesives for the task at hand

    Building a scale helicopter adds a new dimension to the hobby. Sport helis are strictly held together by screws, which affix aluminum, carbon and plastic components together. As soon as you enter the world of scale, you are confronted by a variety of materials you may not be familiar with … Balsa, Basswood, Fiberglass, Carbon, and Resin castings may all be part of your build. Tempting as it may ... Read More »