RANDOMNESS: #WhyIFly – Tell Hobbico Why You Fly and You Could Win Cool New Futaba Radio Gear!


The folks that fly RC are all a part of a very exclusive group, a community of doers that have helped to make the dream of flight a reality. So tell Hobbico what keeps you soaring, why you fly. Share your story with the world and you will be entered to win top-quality products! Now through the end of April, ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: HobbyKing Turnigy ActionCam

Turnigy ActionCam

Looking for the perfect HD action camera? The Turnigy HD ActionCam is the perfect solution for recording awesome video whether used on land, in the air or under the water.The small and compact Turnigy Action Camera range is the complete solution to record all your RC related videos and is ideal for use with quadcopter/multirotor/aircraft aerial video, aerial photography and ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Lights … Camera … Action! Hitec/AEE Announce Their New MD10 and S60 Action Cameras


Whether your hobby interests are rooted in ground pounding surface vehicles or high flying aerial planes, helis and multirotors, Hitec’s partnership with AEE has resulted in a pair of new action cameras. The MD10 and S60 are the perfect way to capture all of your hobby action. First up is the MD10. This camera can record in 1080p30 and also features ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Blade 360 CFX BNF Basic


The Blade 360 CFX captures all of the capabilities of a much larger unlimited 3D heli in its mini sized airframe. Features that contribute to its extreme performance envelope include a high voltage 6S LiPo battery powered brushless power system and optimized servo geometry that minimizes mechanical inefficiencies. A Castle Creations Talon 35 speed controller comes with pre-programmed motor timing ... Read More »

RANDOMNESS: Video: Overview of the Variety of Tactic 2.4GHz Radios

Tactic Radios & Accessories - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox_2015-02-20_08-47-00

The Tactic brand is already known for its focus on affordability and value, but even veteran modelers are surprised by the wide selection it offers, as well. Tactic offers a full line of interference-free 2.4GHz radios, which starts with the modern TTX300 3-channel surface system and goes on to include the TTX410 and TTX610 flight radios, as well as the ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: SAB Heli Division Goblin 380


SAB Heli Divisions latest offerring is the 380 sized Goblin. Our own Chris Reibert has been busy building, tuning and writing and will present his comprehensive review of this stunning new electric heli in the next issue of RC Heli Pilot magazine. Watch for it! In the meantime, here are a few photos of the Goblin 380 in action.   Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Align T-Rex 550L Speed Fuselages

Press Release 2015d

Align has released a new trio of speed fuselages, designed primarily to fit the Align T-Rex 550L Dominator series of helis. Available in three different color combinations, this fuselage measures 1006mm x 135mm x 220 mm (LxWxH). Weight is 290g. It  will not only enhance the appearance of any T-Rex 550 heli but can also make it more aerodynamic should ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Esprit Model Jeti Telemetry Bluetooth Transmitter Module RCDroidBox


Using a combination of software and hardware, the RCDroidBox allows real-time monitoring and recording of telemetry data transferred using JETI Duplex or Duplex EX protocol.  The required hardware is the actual RCDroidBox Bluetooth adapter. The software is an application that can be run on any Android powered device. The user is thus able to watch and monitor the data while ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Completely New Product Line from Thunder Power in 2015


Thunder Power RC has been the world-leader in Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery power and charging solutions for a wide variety of RC, UAV/UAS, and other applications since 2003. New for 2015 are entirely revamped product lines of both air and surface batteries. Pilots will no doubt be attracted to the lower pricing, higher energy density, more stable cell chemistry, and ... Read More »