NEW RELEASE: Align Speed 450L Fuselages


Align has now released their speed fuselages, already available in both 500 and 700 sizes, for their 450 sized helis. With the same wrap around aerodynamic design as their larger speed fuselages, these brightly colored fuselages come in four different color schemes. Decreased aerodynamic drag increases top speed and improves in-flight visibility. Installation requires a few simple hand tools. Transform ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hitec Flash 7 Seven Channel AFHSS/SLT 2.4GHz Transmitter


Hitec’s new Flash 7 is the latest in their impressive series of aircraft computer radios and is suitable for beginner and expert pilots alike. With its advanced built-in AFHSS / SLT flexibility, 4096 resolution and ultra-low latency, the Flash 7 is an affordable full featured transmitter. 20 model memories allows a pilot to keep a full hangar of aircraft and ... Read More »



The latest exciting news from Align is that they are releasing an enhanced version of their T-Rex 800E Pro DFC heli. Dubbed the T-Rex 800E Pro DFC S.C. (Super Combo), it features some of the highest quality components available in the industry today! Super efficient BL815H & BL855 high voltage servos, Align’s newest Gpro flybarless system, and a Castle Creations ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Graupner GR-18 3XG+3A+VARIO – Flybarless Controller/Receiver Combo


There is something HoTT in the world of RC right now, specifically the line of Graupner HoTT radio systems. Their radio systems are very robust and packed with tons of really cool features, not to mention they are very ergonomic making them extremely comfortable to fly with. Whether you fly planes, helis or multirotors, there is a Graupner radio system ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hobby King Turnigy Bolt Series 65C High Voltage Lithium Polymer Batteries (LiHV)

Turnigy Bolt Lipos

Turnigy Bolt LiPos are built to the highest standards and are capable of providing competition level performance. A new chemistry composition matrix allows them to be safely charged to 4.35 volts DC, which is higher than the typical nominal voltage of 4.20 volts DC inherent to LiPo battery packs (requires Turnigy Neutron charger). All Bolt high performance battery packs include ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Estes Proto-X SLT Ready-to-Fly Nano Quadcopter

Proto X SLT Inventory

The Proto-X SLT is the next step in the logical evolution of the world’s smallest quadcopter. With new one-button aerobatic capabilities, this Proto-X SLT can now perform flips and other amazing in-flight antics. Auto-Correcting Technology keeps it level while in the air, while the Auto-Upright system keeps it stable. A larger, dual rate equipped 2.4GHz transmitter is also included in ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Align 700L TOP Dominator Super Combo

T-REX 700 Dominator-00-p

Align presents their new  700L TOP Dominator Super Combo! This extreme performance heli can take pilots to the top of the world when it comes to extreme 3D heli flying. The T-REX 700L TOP is equipped with the  new technology Gpro flybarless (FBL) system. This heli also features a set of the new and more powerful Align BL815 and 855 ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hitec’s Fast, Forceful, and Fantastic Digital HS-5070MH and Analog HS-70MG Servos


Like Superman, Hitec’s new digital HS-5070MH and analog HS-70MG are both FAST and STRONG! The high performance specifications of these two servos make them a perfect fit for the new class of 42 – 48 inch performance 3D aircraft, as well as 450 size helicopters. Both feature the legendary and durable Hitec metal gear sets, cored motors, top ball bearings ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: ProTek R/C Universal Multirotor Case

ProTek Case_03

Protect your valuable multirotor with the ProTek R/C Universal Multirotor Case – a case that’s waterproof, built military-tough with “ATA 300” compliance, features a patent-pending locking system and is completely dustproof. Manufactured to stringent specifications, the ProTek R/C Universal Multirotor Case is lightweight, crush-proof, impact-resistant and virtually indestructible; it holds numerous certifications to prove it. The case is also watertight ... Read More »